Monday, July 29, 2013

woven // ghosts

A few photos from a recent random weaving workshop in the Blue Mountains with Harriet Goodall. This was such an amazing day!  I've admired Harriet's work for a little while now - I first came across Harriet when I saw her wedding photos featured on a photography blog... I was completely blown away by a dress that she had made using the eco-print technique.. then I found out about her weaving, and was even more inspired by her beautiful woven creations!

Click here for more weaving workshop dates.

#1 Harriet
#2 A piece by Harriet
#3-5 Student pieces
#6 Lexie weaving
#7 A piece by Harriet


  1. I would love to make a weaving workshop like this :)

    lovely photos,as always!

  2. Wow, so very beautiful. Your photos really give a sense of quiet and concentration... Looks wonderful.