Friday, September 18, 2015


the last time i wrote in this space was over a year ago. 

and i started that post with these words: "the past month has been a blur. a beautiful, but blurry month."

well. this past year, has been vivid. 
bright colours. bold shapes. strong memories. 
it stands out. it calls out to me saying, "don't forget! you have grown! you are growing! you will keep growing!"
it has been an important year.
i feel like i learnt what i'm here for. 
i learnt my purpose. 
i found my place.

it has been a year of learning, of exploring, of fulfilment and of joy.
i have been on a year-long high of truly enjoying the work that my body does every day. i have revelled in the colours, shapes and patterns that vegetables embody, and i have cherished the quiet calm that comes from having my hands in the earth. 

i made a home for myself by the beach. 
i took advantage of the fresh, cooling ocean often. 
in the summer, i would regularly stop by the back beaches to throw myself into the waves and wash away the days' sweat. 
in the cooler months, i would still stop by the back beaches - i would watch the light and the waves, and observe their changes. 

i met beautiful people, who have become wonderful friends. 
i went on adventures and learnt the names of the native flora. 
i didn't postpone happiness, i lived it. 

i worked on a dream farm and spent my days learning from two of the gentlest souls who have taught me so so much. 

and so i wanted to take a moment to look back on it all - in all it's vivid beauty - and honour it. because it has been wonderful and amazing. and epic. 

but now it's a new season, and some new adventures call me forward..
over the next month i'll be moving my life to a new home. a home in a tent, in the woods, which will overlook a field of veggies - veggies that i'll be growing with my mate, erin. she has been working on her farm vision (and has been getting the soil ready!) for the past year and she generously has invited me along for the ride. 

i am so full of joy and excitement about what's to come. it will be challenging, rewarding, hilarious and full. full of simple living and beautiful food and satisfying hard work. 

i feel so many things about moving. 
i feel grateful for what's been, and i feel excited about what's to come. 

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